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GST : 15 Barang Yang Anda Patut Tahu Dikecualikan Daripada GST

GST : 15 Barang Yang Anda Patut Tahu Dikecualikan Daripada GST

GST will be implemented in a month’s time. We’ve shown you 25 common food with a 6% GST. Most of  us will be greatly affected – especially those who love processed food, ready-made beverages and snacks. Only very basic food will be exempted such as rice and cooking oil. Even so, cooking oil like olive oil are still taxed. Here is a list of food items that are exempted GST.

1. Bread
Both white and wholemeal bread are not taxable. However, frozen roti canai, roti jala, buns and donuts are not included.
2. Cooking oil
Cooking oil such as palm oil, coconut oil and groundnut (peanut) oil are exempted. However, oil such as sesame oil, corn oil and olive oil are taxed.oil
3. Meat
Beef, mutton, lamb, chicken and pork are free from tax.
4. Local and imported fruits
All fresh fruits – whether they are local or imported – are free from tax.
5. Rice
Rice being our staple is naturally exempted.
6. Fresh vegetables
All fresh vegetables, except pickled plum and preserved vegetables. Many common fresh ingredients like ginger and onions are exempted. However, buah keras for unknown reason is taxed.
7. Seafood 
Fresh fish and prawns are not taxed.
8. Dried seafood
Even dried seafood like sotong kering and dried shrimps are exempted
9. Chicken and duck eggs
Fresh or salted chicken and duck eggs are exempted. However, quails egg will be taxed.
10. Noodles
Fresh and dried noodles like kway teow and mihun are exempted. Unfortunately, that does not extend to instant noodles.
11. Salt 
It is said that ‘garam kasar’ and ‘garam halus’ are exempted from tax. We believe sea salt should be too.
12. Sugar (Grain sugar and cube sugar)
Only granulated sugar and cube sugar are free from GST. A tax will be imposed on sugar such as gula melaka, castor sugar and icing sugar.
sugar gst
13. Spices
Cooking spices such as cumin (jintan putih), turmeric and cinnamon are free from tax.
14. Powdered milk for infant
Only milk powder for infant will be taxed free. Other milk for adult and condensed milk will be taxed.
milk powder
15. Common flour
Common flour such as wholemeal flour, rice flour and glutinous rice flour are exempted. However, when they are flavoured and packet such as flour to fry chicken, they will be taxed.

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