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Fakta : Teknologi Kita Guna Hari Ini datangnya daripada Filem Dahulu.

Fakta...sebenarnya gadget@Teknologi yang kita guna sekarang diinspirasi daripada filem lampau..percaya atau tidak sila baca entry ini sehingga habis..

Mobile Phone.

The first concept of a mobile communication device occurred on a little television series called Star Trek. In fact, Martin Cooper (pictured), the inventor of the mobile phone, has stated that his inspiration came from watching Captain Kirk speak into his handheld communicator on the series. In 1973, Cooper made history when he placed the first public telephone call on a portable cellular device. Who did he call? His competitors at AT&T's Bell Labs, phoning them from the streets of New York City. Mobile phones have come a long way since then (the original weighed in at 30 ounces!)  and I believe we all owe Cooper a debt of gratitude for being a Trek fan.

Flat Touchscreen Computers
Whether you own an iPad or a Kindle Fire or some sort of touchscreen flat device, you owe a debt of gratitude to the previously-mentioned Star Trek, this time Star Trek: The Next Generation. The PADD (Personal Access Display Device), as it was known on the TV series, allowed users to remotely access databases, enter logs and play back audiovisual content with the touch of a finger. When Apple's Steve Jobs first announced the iPad, he used the new Star Trek movie to show off the device's multimedia capability.

Lama Web..@ World Wide Web..www

In a 1997 interview with Time magazine, Tim Berners-Lee (pictured), the man most often credited for the creation of the worldwide web, spoke of a fascination in his youth of a story by Arthur C. Clarke. This short story, Dial F For Frankenstein, which was written in 1964, featured a setting where computers were networked together and eventually began to learn to think autonomously. Although Berners-Lee was clear that he didn't want to entirely fulfill this vision, he did see the web as something that could transform society. 15 years later would prove that he was right.

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