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Kisah Sedih : Kanak-Kanak perempuan ini berdiri di luar tingkap kelas setiap hari

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Yesterday, someone reported that a pupil at the Binhe Road Primary School in Dengfeng City [in Henan province] has been standing outside the classroom
to listen to lessons for over 20 days, suspecting that the teacher was punishing the student.

Yesterday afternoon at 2pm, a reporter rushed to Binhe Road Primary School. After hearing the class bell ring, the students entered the classroom one by one. However, under the classroom window for Class 1-3, a little girl carrying a backpack said goodbye to the schoolmates who talk to her. She grabbed the steel bar of the window with both hands and looked into the classroom uninterrupted. After reporter’s inquiry, the little girl is called Guo Xiaoxiao (name changed), from Wangzhuang Village nearby/of Dengfeng City, and 6-years-old this year. She used to attend class in this room but, for reasons unknown, she was kicked out of class. Not wanting to leave the school and still wanting to study, she could only stand under the window to listen to the lessons.
When Xiaoxiao’s father Guo Zhanchao arrived shortly later, seeing his daughter standing outside the window listening to class, he was unable to hold back his sobs. He told the reporter that he pedals three-wheel carts (carrying goods) for a living. Originally, he knew the Binhe Road School Headmaster Zhao. At the start of the school year, unable to find a school that would admit his child, he borrowed and gathered 500 RMB and gave it to Headmaster Zhao. Mr Zhao immediately agreed to admit Guo Xiaoxiao to the school, but later Mr Zhao delayed and delayed until the afternoon of September 10th when Mr Guo’s daughter was finally assigned to Class 1-3. But good things do not last; on September 18th, the daughter who had been attending school for only a few days said to her father while crying that the teacher would no longer let her into class, and that she could only stand outside the window to listen to lessons. Soon after, Guo Zhanchao went almost daily to the school to see the headmaster, but Headmaster Zhao only agreed to return the money and did not plan on arranging Guo Xiaoxiao to attend school.
Guo Zhanchao said with tears, “I suffered my whole life because I don’t have an education, and today can only depend on pedaling a three-wheel cart to raise my family with difficulty. I just want my daughter to learn some knowledge, so she can have a happy life later.”
Mr Zhao, headmaster of Binhe Road Primary School, commented on the incident saying that he is unfairly blamed. He said Guo Zhanchao and him knew each other from before, that he did indeed receive the 500 RMB money that Guo forcefully left in his office, but he later returned the money to Guo. Regarding letting Guo Xiaoxiao’s attend school, he can only feel sorry for their family’s situation, but could not arrange for her to attend school simply because they gave him a gift. Later, he could not do anything against the exclusion of Xiaoxiao. “That was handled in accordance to the relevant regulations of the Department of Education. She is the child of a peasant who migrated to the city for work, not a pupil of this area.”
Inilah anak kecil yang dinyatakan dalam catatan diatas...perkara ni berlaku di China...syukurla kita semua diberi peluang belajar dengan baik
A 6-year-old girl listens to class outside the classroom window.

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